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LA Civics Initiative

The Los Angeles Civics Initiative is a unique program working to discuss, understand, and fix barriers to civic participation, civic literacy, and civic engagement in Greater Los Angeles. We do this through a series of workshops and surveys throughout the region engaging civic, business, nonprofit, and individual stakeholders.

The Los Angeles Civics Initiative is a joint program of City Impact Lab and the USC Bedrosian Center.

Why are we collaborating on this project?

  • To foster civic engagement and a civic dialogue in LA County
  • To find ways to engage those affected by civic barriers with those able to address these issues
  • To model and cultivate collaborative governance and problem solving
  • To create a more civically engaged and literate LA


An ever-growing list of resources related to community life and governance on the local, state, and federal levels.


City Impact Lab and the USC Bedrosian Center are proud to have partnered with the other institutions to bring you the Los Angeles Civics Initiative.

City Impact Lab and the USC Bedrosian Center are proud to have partnered with the following institutions to bring you the Los Angeles Civics Initiative:

Bedrosian Center