Political Institutions and Political Economy (PIPE) Collaborative

The Political Institutions and Political Economy (PIPE) Collaborative is a university-wide research endeavor jointly sponsored by the Price School’s Bedrosian Center and the Office of the Provost. The PIPE Collaborative will include faculty and graduate students with common interests in various aspects of political institutions and political economy. Political institutions usually refer to systems of politics and government, or structures of voluntary cooperation that resolve collective action problems in society.  Political economy most commonly refers to studies that draw upon economics, political science, and law to explain how political institutions, the political environment, and the economic system influence each other. The program will be designed to encourage research that crosses disciplinary boundaries.

The PIPE Collaborative has three initial goals:

The first goal will be to hold a regular scholarly workshop, structured around external speakers, that will bring together USC faculty and graduate students from Price, Gould, Marshall, Dornsife (the Political Science and Economics Departments) who have an interest in political institutions and political economy. The workshop will provide a regular forum for PIPE scholarship and create an environment for new collaborations to develop.

The second goal will be to host an annual PIPE Collaborative conference.  This conference will include scholars from other universities who specialize in the study of political institutions and political economy, with regular attendees of the PIPE Collaborative playing meaningful roles (paper givers, panel chairs, panel discussants).  We hope this annual conference will become the go-to conference for political institutions and political economy scholars.

The third goal will be to create symposia on important new PIPE books, classic/important PIPE books reaching an anniversary, and new research programs that promise to have a significant influence in the academy. Four such symposia will be held each academic year. Symposia participants (authors, critics, etc.) will be invited to USC and contribute to panels organized around the book or research program. The symposia will serve to create broad exposure for the PIPE Collaborative and provide a recognized venue for the scholarly debate.

2018-2019 PIPE Fellows

Heonuk Ha

Heonuk Ha is a Ph.D. student of the USC Price School of Public Policy, he has concentrated on studying and researching about the political economy of federal fiscal policy.

Alison Holt

Alison Holt is a Ph.D. student in the USC Price School of Public Policy. Her studies focus on bureaucratic discretion, rule-making, and the interactions between the judiciary and the administrative state.

Nathan Micatka

Nathan Micatka is a Ph.D student in political science at the University of Southern California, and completed his undergraduate education at the University of Iowa. He studies American politics with a particular interest in policymaking and representation.

Nicholas G. Napolio

Nicholas G. Napolio is a Ph.D student in political science and Provost Fellow at the University of Southern California. His research focuses on the political ramifications of institutional structures and procedures, and how the vertically and horizontally fragmented American political system enables or constrains elite preferences.

Matthew Nelson

Matthew Nelson is a Ph.D student in political science at the University of Southern California. He studies American politics and methodology focusing on social media, the presidency, and public policy.

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2018-19 PIPE Workshop Schedule

2017-18 PIPE Workshop Schedule

Symposia & Conferences

Pivotal Politics Symposium Nov 6-7, 2017
Parties & Partisanship in the Age of Trump Symposium Feb 12-13, 2018
First Annual PIPE Conference Mar 15-16, 2018
Studying Subnational Policy Making Symposium Jun 5, 2018
Race and Law Enforcement Symposium Oct 30, 2018
Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump Symposium Dec 4, 2018
Second Annual PIPE Conference Mar 14-15, 2019
Political Economy of Executive Politics Symposium Oct 29, 2019

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