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Powwow Highway with Cast Members

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We are thrilled to share this conversation about Powwow Highway with you! A. MartinezAmanda WyssJoanelle Romero, from the film join host Jonathan Schwartz and USC Profs Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro and Chris Finley in conversation about the making, legacy, and meaning of this cult classic.

If you haven’t seen it, be ware, there are a ton of spoilers.

Powwow Highwayis the story of two Native Americans, Philbert and Buddy (A. Martinez) who journey from Montana to Santa Fe to bail Buddy’s sister Bonny (Joanelle Romero) out of jail. A classic road movie, Buddy and Philbert travel to Santa Fe by way of South Dakota and a few different Indian reservations as they go. Reaching Santa Fe the men find Bonny, her children, and her close friend Rabbit (Amanda Wyss).

They travel the highways through a seemingly broken American Dream to the possibility of hope through friendship and family.



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This podcast is part of a series on Indigenous films in partnership with the Red Nation Celebration Institute, and the Red Nation Film Festival. It is brought to you by Price Video Services and USC Bedrosian Center, and continues ongoing efforts to bring policy and its impact into the public discourse.

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