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Best & Worst in Governance

Elevating the issue of good governance was behind the Best & Worst in Governance. Each month we asked the Bedrosian community to survey the landscape of governance in order to call out candidates for a best and worst title. In subsequent weeks, the nominations and the lessons (good or bad) were discussed. We learned that even the nerdy and scholarly love to dish on the worst and ignore the best. It’s a shame because there are so many good things happening out there in public policy, at the local level in particular.

Contesting the Streets II

In large cities around the world, the most contested public space is the streets and accompanying sidewalks. Vending can be seen as a private taking of public space. It can contribute to civic vitality as well as be an impediment to traffic flow. This two-day conference was held in the Fall of 2016, resulting in the publication of a special issue of Cityscape.

This conference was sponsored by SLAB, the Spatial Analysis Lab at USC Price; The César E. Chávez Department for Chicana/o Studies at UCLA, and USC Bedrosian Center on Governance.

Innovating to End Urban Poverty Conference

50 years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared “unconditional War on Poverty.” However, solutions to poverty in America have been elusive. The Innovating to End Urban Poverty conference explored the context for poverty, policy history, and innovative solutions bridging families to opportunity. The conference convened a multi-disciplinary team of nationally-recognized scholars and practitioners to examine what is and is not working with an emphasis on the new policies, programs or practices needed to end urban poverty.


Political Economy and Public Law Conference

2017’s PEPL Conference (10th Annual) was sponsored by the USC Gould School of Law and the Bedrosian Center on Governance.

Students Talk Back/Road to the Whitehouse

The Bedrosian Center teamed up with the USC Dornsife College’s Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics and the USC Annenberg’s Center on Communication Leadership & Policy to present a series of discussions on politics, media and technology.

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