When Your Livelihood Is Too Far Away: Housing as a Platform to Jobs

A couple years ago, some of my colleagues at USC set out to answer an old question with a new twist. They wanted to know how many jobs you could find if you lived in a low-income neighborhood. Specifically, they wanted to know how many jobs you could commute to.

Most Americans take it for granted that employment is place-based. You can’t work at a building that’s too far away. But what happens when you can only afford to live in a few of neighborhoods in a city, a reality that many low-income families face? How many jobs are too far away?

CityLab: To Ease Traffic, L.A. Needs Much More Than Trains

Transit, zoning, traffic density are the most important issues facing Southern California commuters. Lisa Schweitzer shares her insights with CityLab. “If it’s now possible for me to get from Pasadena to Westwood on transit, I’m all for that,” Lisa Schweitzer, a scholar of transportation and urban planning at the University of Southern California, tells CityLab.…