First annual political institutions, economy conference highlights cross-disciplinary collaboration

With the goal of fostering cross-disciplinary synergies among political economy scholars and fill the need for a regular meeting place, the USC PIPE Collaborative hosted theĀ First Annual Political Institutions and Political Economy ConferenceĀ on March 15-16, convening major U.S. scholars from political science, economics, and law to cover important new research on topics such as the unilateral presidency, Congressional committees, city policies, electoral rules, political leadership, and partisanship.

Political Geography, Campaign Contributions, and Representation

Political behavior takes place within a geospatial context, yet studies of political phenomena frequently ignore the influence of local economic and political geography on political behavior. This paper examines an important and understudied form of political participation — individual contributions to candidates for the U.S. Congress — to test how geography affects donation patterns. We…