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May 22, 2020

Those in the policy community looking for ways to reduce ideological extremity among legislators should consider [top-two primaries].

May 12, 2020
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February 14, 2020
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November 13, 2019
September 9, 2019

The Washington Post cited research from Christian Grose of the USC Dornslife College on states with minority rule in one or both of their legislative chambers.

But North Carolina is not alone. Five other states — Michigan, Wisconsin, Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania — have minority rule in one or both of their legislative chambers, according to a study from a team headed by Christian Grose of the USC Schwarzenegger Institute.

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August 2, 2019
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January 25, 2019
December 19, 2018

? This month, Lisa is joined by Anthony Orlando, Jeff Jenkins, and Christian Grose to discuss Bob Woodward’s latest reportage on the Presidency: Fear. How does this stack up to…

August 30, 2018