drinking, still I thirst: the impact of bottled water

by Casey Fischl

Bottled water consumption has steadily increased over the last few decades, reaching an all-time high in 2017 with 13.7 billion gallons of bottled water purchased in the United States. The consumption of bottled water has surpassed all other products in the beverage industry, including soda and beer.

It’s Not Just Where You’re Going, It’s Also How You Get There

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”
So … the journey and how we make that journey plays an important role in the quality of our lives. Listen as Marlon Boarnet talks infrastructure & quality of life with Anthony Orlando on #OurAmericanDiscourse

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The infrastructure needed to support a thriving California economy

Earlier this month, Gov. Jerry Brown and California legislators announced agreement on a bold plan to invest in the state’s crumbling roads and highways, putting aside years of disagreement to get people and goods moving through regions like Los Angeles again. Now, our leaders must act with the same resolve to increase the production of…

Michael Maltzan: Bridging Society and Culture in LA’s Infrastructure

by Justine Dodgen Those who commute through downtown may have noticed the construction underway in the Arts District. The City of Los Angeles is busy creating alternative routes in preparation for the imminent rebuilding of the Sixth Street Viaduct, the iconic bridge in downtown L.A. that has been the backdrop of many L.A. films and music videos.…

Climate, Environmental Health Vulnerability, and Physical Planning

Jovanna Rosen, a Ph.D. student in Urban Planning and Development at the USC Price School, published an article titled “Climate, Environmental Health Vulnerability, and Physical Planning: A Review of the Forecasting Literature” in the Journal of Planning Literature. In the piece, she ties environmental health, planning, and climate forecasting literature to formulate some conclusions on the field.…

Leading from the West: The LA River Revitalization (Full video)

The 51 mile long LA River is due to be transformed from a concrete flood control channel to a city spanning ecological, recreational, and cultural space. Join us as we convene some of the many stakeholders, decision makers, and visionaries who are working to implement the LA River Revitalization Master Plan.


  • Renee Dake Wilson : Vice President, Los Angeles City Planning Commission
  • Carol Armstrong : Director, LA River Works
  • Omar Brownson : Executive Director, Los Angeles River Corp.
  • Mia Lehrer : President, Mia Lehrer Landscape Architects
  • Josephine R. Axt : Chief, Planning Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Raphael Bostic Director, Bedrosian Center on Governance