Scholars convene on methods and trends in subnational policy making research

“The study of state and local politics has taken off over the last decade. Data, methods, and research interests have evolved. There are a variety of important questions that can’t be examined well at the Federal level, because of severe case limitations.  But scholars can get leverage on these questions thanks to the sizable and interesting variation that exists at the state and local levels,” said Jeff Jenkins as he brought together scholars from across the nation to examine the study of subnational policy making.

Private Organizations and Public Service Delivery

Elizabeth Graddy was a speaker at the International Symposium: Governance in Local and Central Governments in the Age of Globalization, held by the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration, Executive Yuan, Taipei on 9 September 2013.  The title of Graddy’s talk was“Private organizations and public service delivery”  and focused on lessons learned over the past 3 decades…