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Texas vs. California: Economic Myths and Reality

Published by USC Bedrosian Center on

Road to the White House

Featuring CCLP Senior Fellow Narda Zacchino, who is currently working on a book about California that focuses on the oft-made comparisons between California and Texas. Joining her will be Annenberg Professor and Truthdig Editor Robert Scheer. Narda has written: “The emergence of Texas Gov. Rick Perry as the frontrunner for the GOP nomination for president has invited invidious comparisons with Democratic-controlled California, as Texas, with its lower unemployment rate and job growth, appears to be in better economic shape than the Golden State. Perry supporters offer this as an argument for Republican leadership in Washington. But a closer examination of the facts renders a mixed verdict on the success and failings of both states, and some surprising reasons why Texas has not suffered as much as California in the national recession.”

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