The Murmur of Bees

Our host, Dr. Lisa Schweitzer, chose Sofía Segovia’s The Murmur of Bees (translated by Simon Bruni) in August of 2019. It seemed like it would be a good sprawling family saga to read the next summer.

Come June 2020, the choice would be prescient. The novel is, indeed, a sprawling family saga … one set in the midst of the Mexican Revolution and the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic.

It is the story of a family and their land as the world changes around them. It is a story of grief, of love, of family.

Host Dr. Schweitzer is joined by Caroline Bhalla, Olivia Olson, and Donnajean Ward.

This podcast has spoilers.

Thank you to our co-producers Aubrey Hicks and Jonathan Schwartz as well as our beloved sound supervisors, The Brothers Hedden. Recorded at the USC Price School.

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