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Town Hall with David Jolly (R-FL) & Patrick Murphy (D-FL)

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Why Gridlock Rules Washington and How We Can Solve This Crisis

A bipartisan lecture with former Congressmen David Jolly (R-FL) and Patrick Murphy (D-FL) moderated by Abby Wood, USC Gould School of Law.

Hyper-partisan politics. Entrenched gridlock in Washington.  Can Americans find common ground on the most pressing issues we face as a nation?  Jolly and Murphy believe we can. They will pull the curtain back on how we got here and shine a light on the inside reasons why Washington has fallen into stalemate and dysfunction. They discuss opportunities for bipartisan leadership and how to build political consensus.

Even in times of disagreement on solutions, those disagreements need not divide us.

This event is co-sponsored in part by the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy at Florida International University’s Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs.

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