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What’s Lost in the Transition from Refugee to American Citizen

Published by USC Bedrosian Center on

by Anthony Orlando

What becomes of a refugee when they’re no longer a refugee? We spend so much time talking about migration caps and vetting that we seem to ignore all the Americans living amongst us, trying to acclimate to their new country after the harrowing journey from their former homeland. Would it surprise you to learn that they start their new life in substantial debt? Or that they don’t have many of the basic items they need to live, let alone feel like a human being? Wouldn’t you like to know how you can help?

In this episode, Miry Whitehill tells us the inspirational story of how she started helping these former refugee families—and how she created an easy way for you to help them too.

Ms. Whitehill is the Founder and CEO of Miry’s List, a nonprofit organization that crowdsources and delivers supplies that refugee families need to get started in America. To learn more, you can go to

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