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Kleinbard tells us the hard truths

November 25, 2014 by Justine Dodgen Edward D. Kleinbard’s solution to America’s economic inequality might seem pretty revolutionary. Last month, The LA Times quoted Kleinbard as saying, “the left sees me as a Wall Street Journal Satanist, and the right … Continue reading

Robert Garcia Blazes New Trail in Long Beach

Despite some wince-worthy moments along the way, Garcia has handled a tough city campaign and the responsibilities of his new office with the candor, grace, and aplomb of someone much older than his 36 years. Last week, Garcia visited the Bedrosian Center’s Lunch for a Leader series to provide special insight into his unlikely ascension to the mayor’s office after a hard-fought campaign, how his age helps his communicate with Long Beach residents, and his education-based initiatives aimed at tackling the city high poverty rates.

Talking 21st Century Storytelling with LeVar Burton

In a conversation with Bedrosian Center Director, Raphael Bostic, LeVar Burton discusses his passion for Reading Rainbow and the impact it can have on education policy and curricula.

Is Tunisia the first democratic Arab country?

Four years ago, demonstrations erupted across Tunisia to demand the resignation of President Ben Ali, the leader of one of the most repressive regimes in the Middle East and North Africa region. Central to the demonstrations was frustration and anger over issues of widespread corruption, poor living conditions and lack of freedoms. (Open Society) This revolution came to be known as the Jasmine Revolution and sparked uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, and Yemen, collectively called the Arab Spring.

In Search of Denser Developments, California Ponders How to Manage New CEQA Guidelines

November 13, 2014 by Jeremy Loudenback California is finding that the path toward creating more compact, transit-oriented developments is not always a smooth ride. Over the past couple of years, California has inaugurated new policies many hope will incentivize developers … Continue reading

William Resh: New article in Review of Policy Research

William Resh’s new article, “Does the Network Centrality of Government Actors Matter? Examining the Role of Government Organizations in Aquaculture Partnerships,” published in Review of Policy Research.

William Resh: New article in Presidential Studies Quarterly

William Resh’s new article, “Appointee–Careerist Relations in the Presidential Transition of 2008‐2009,” published in Presidential Studies Quarterly.

Some musings on the mid-terms and pre-2016 politics

November 10, 2014, by Sherry Bebitch Jeffe

“One thing is perfectly clear from the mid-term elections—the voters are royally pissed. Exit polling showed a sour crowd—and an electorate that, as it usually is in off- year elections, is older, whiter, more conservative, better off and more likely to vote Republican.”

Post-Midterm Reading Digest

November 5, 2014 by Jeremy Loudenback Just in time for the weekend, here’s a governance-related wrap-up of the midterm elections held earlier this week: National As Tuesday night’s elation fades, the GOP has its work cut out for it: Was it former pig castrator’s … Continue reading

Saluting a Mayor Who Knew How to Listen

November 7, 2014 by Jeremy Loudenback The book of disappointing mayors is a long one. The ledgers are full of entries on bumbling bribe takers, sexually harassing hizzoners, influence peddlers, and kickback artists, with a special section devoted to the … Continue reading

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