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False Dichotomy November 1, 2014 by Peter Robertson “Most voters still think Congress is doing a poor job and believe most of its members only get reelected because a fix is in.”  Over 80 percent of those surveyed disapprove of … Continue reading

USC Price professors lead UN sustainability workshops in Armenia

Leading UHN workshops on sustainability in Armenia, Frank Zerunyan and Dan Mazmanian enhance the knowledge about new trends and emerging issues in governance.

Watch Sherry Bebitch Jeffe on Props and Pints!

Our amazing faculty affiliate, Sherry Bebitch Jeffe will be livestreamed straight into your computers or mobile devices tomorrow night as part of KPCCs Props and Pints “ballot party.” This event, in Pasadena, has sold out. However, if you would like to … Continue reading

After Voting Low Point, Los Angeles Hopes for Better Turnout

October 27, 2014 by Jeremy Loudenback Los Angeles has been garnering ignominious attention for its voting habits lately. In 2013, turnout for the city’s mayoral contest was a woeful 23% percent, triggering anxious reflections on civic identity in the City … Continue reading

A Civic Engagement Lesson from the Social Media Politician

540 million voters participated in the spring Lok Sabha elections, representing 66% of eligible voters, a record high suggesting that Indian voters were ready for change. The state election in Haryana also made history with 73% voter turnout. Remarkably, the BJP’s harnessed the vote of the 120 million new voters who voted this year.

Prop. 47 Spotlights a Bipartisan Trend in Criminal Justice Reform

What do Newt Gingrich and the American Civil Liberties Union of California have in common?

Turkey, Step up to the Plate

Turkey is integral to regional dynamics due to its powerful military force and ability to strongly emerge against ISIS in Kobani and to assist the US and other NATO forces through the use of air force bases. However, Turkey is embroiled in its internal feud with its Kurdish minority and the PKK.

The Art of the Public Policy Deal

“The ACLU and the [Los Angeles Police] Protective League have never agreed on anything, ever,” Soboroff said. “But they both agreed that with certain conditions on-body cameras will protect the people they want to protect: the public and the officers. When they both said yes, I knew I was on to something. Now, every major city in America is following us, watching our test with on-body technology.”

How Well Do Our Leaders Represent Us?

October 15, 2014 by Jeremy Loudenback Over the course of the past few decades, the country has been in the midst of a significant demographic shift, becoming more racially and ethnically diverse than ever before. Unfortunately, the people who govern … Continue reading

September Best & Worst in Governance

The winners of Best & Worst in Governance for September 2014 are:  Best in Governance- Civic participation efforts in Hong Kong and Scotland Worst in Governance – Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

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