Who Are We

Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall 650 Childs Way, Los Angeles, CA 90089, Los Angeles

A live play reading of "Who Are We" by Lennixx-Nickolai Treat Bad Moccasin (enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe). A Live Play ReadingThis event will feature a live…

Inequality Roundtable

RGL 308 650 Childs Way, Los Angeles

The United States is more unequal today than at any other time in its history. The economic, social and political power of most Americans continues to erode, yet policymakers and politicians on both sides of the aisle haven’t addressed the issue.

USC Price is committed to taking a leadership role to combat the corrosive public policy impact of structural inequality through deep thinking, groundbreaking research and innovative private sector partnerships.

Lunch with a Leader: Betty Yee

RGL 308 650 Childs Way, Los Angeles

The USC Sol Price School of Public Policy and the
USC Bedrosian Center invite you to attend a special luncheon with
California State Controller Betty T. Yee.

(In)Equality Office Hours

Ralph and Goldy Lewis Hall 650 Childs Way, 308, Los Angeles, CA 90089, Los Angeles

Join the Bedrosian Center’s newest Visiting Fellow, Ehsan Zaffar, for an informal conversation about inequality.

PIPE Workshop featuring Michael Hankinson


"The Supply-Equity Trade-off: The Effect of Spatial Representation on the Local Housing Supply"

Michael Hankinson, assistant professor of Political Science at George Washington University, will discuss his research. A central concern of governance is how the costs and benefits of collective goods are distributed over the population. Our findings speak to a trade-off inherent to spatial representation: the supply of collective goods and the equitable distribution of the associated costs.

PIPE Workshop featuring Christian Fong


as to whether legislators bring this preference for reciprocity to Congress. Through an original survey experiment and observational studies of end-of-career behavior, Christian finds consistent evidence that legislators have an intrinsic preference for reciprocity. Moreover, legislators are aware that their colleagues have this preference, so it likely enters into their strategic calculations. This finding raises new questions for research in party discipline, partisan polarization, and interest group influence, and others.

PIPE Workshop featuring Jared Rubin


"Political Legitimacy and the Institutional Foundations of Constitutional Government: The Case of England"

Presented by Jared Rubin, Professor, Chapman University.