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Powwow Highway (1989)

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Powwow Highway is the story of Philbert and Buddy who journey from Montana to Santa Fe to bail Buddy’s sister Bonny out of jail. For many indigenous peoples in the Americas, life can be grim. Much has been taken from them. In Powwow Highway, we begin with a view of the failed American Dram with the Northern Cheyenne tribe of Lame Deer, Montana. Buddy Redbow is a Vietnam veteran and activist looking to subvert a land-grab. His acquaintance and possible friend, Philbert Bono seems simple minded but might just be a spiritual guide to the rageful Buddy. When Bonny is framed and incarcerated in Santa Fe, the two men take Philbert’s beat up ’64 Buick, his ‘war pony,’ on a road trip via a Powwow gathering in South Dakota, Buddy’s life may just be transformed.

If you haven’t seen the movie, beware, this podcast has spoilers.

Host Jonathan Schwartz is joined by Chris Finley, Aubrey Hicks, and Lisa Schweitzer.

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This podcast is part of a series on Indigenous films in partnership with the Red Nation Celebration Institute, and the Red Nation Film Festival. It is brought to you by Price Video Services and USC Bedrosian Center, and continues ongoing efforts to bring policy and its impact into the public discourse.
Sound supervision by the Brothers Hedden.

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