White Identity and the Emergence of the Republican Party in the Early-20th Century South

by Casey Fischl

Jeffery A. Jenkins discussed his research paper, White Identity and the Emergence of the Republican Party in the Early-20th Century South, co-authored with Boris Heersink (Fordham University). The paper explores the relationship between white identity, the GOP, and the South

Fear: Trump in the White House

This month, Lisa is joined by Anthony Orlando, Jeff Jenkins, and Christian Grose to discuss Bob Woodward’s latest reportage on the Presidency: Fear. How does this stack up to other Woodward titles and how does the principal agent theory work it’s way into conversation with these political junkies?

GOP Retirements Muddle Congressional Races

Fox & Hounds Daily published commentary Sherry Bebitch Jeffe of the USC Price School and Doug Jeffe on how the retirement of GOP representatives may help and hurt the Democrats’ chances of flipping those seats in the midterm elections. Certainly, the trend line for California Republicans has been straight downhill. Democrats now hold a 19-point…

Trump’s tweet the stuff of re-election dreams for Calif. Sen. Feinstein

The San Francisco Chronicle quoted Sherry Bebitch Jeffe of the USC Price School on why Senator Dianne Feinstein’s defiance of President Donald Trump may help her own reelection race. Politics likely had at least something to do with Feinstein’s decision to challenge Trump and the GOP leadership directly, said Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, a political communications…

Trump resistance buoyed by Senate health care vote

The San Jose Mercury News quoted Sherry Bebitch Jeffe of the USC Price School about the resistance the GOP faces in repealing the Affordable Care Act. Those who complain mightily about the increase in costs, she said, see the issue very differently than those who received health care through the Affordable Care Act, insurance they could…

Federalism and the Battle for Partisan Power

We think we know how federalism works. Republicans believe in states’ rights, and Democrats want a strong federal government, right? Not so fast. New research reveals a whole different tug of war playing out on Capitol Hill. Our legislators don’t always do what they say, but they do have a strategy to design and implement our laws. It turns out that federalism is ground zero in their battle for partisan power—and now we finally know how the game is being played.

In this episode, we go behind-the-scenes with the researcher who uncovered these terms of engagement, Pamela Clouser McCann.

PBS reposts op-ed by Frank Zerunyan

Frank Zerunyan penned a column for PBS NewsHour, How Trump could shock a divided nation back to life as collaborator-in-chief. “Partnership, not conflict,” were the words spoken by President-elect Donald Trump during his acceptance speech. That collaborative approach is what my scholarship on good governance shows is required for effective public administration.  ….As an outsider,…

Jeffe’s post-election opinion: California Is An Alternate Universe

Fox & Hounds ran post-election commentary from Bedrosian Faculty Affiliate Sherry Bebitch Jeffe and Doug Jeffe. The piece takes the election results from California as compared to the rest of the country. Trump won with gangbuster support from the nation’s rural areas and small towns; California is the least rural, most urbanized, state. But it…