Fear: Trump in the White House

This month, Lisa is joined by Anthony Orlando, Jeff Jenkins, and Christian Grose to discuss Bob Woodward’s latest reportage on the Presidency: Fear. How does this stack up to other Woodward titles and how does the principal-agent theory work it’s way into conversation with these political junkies?

What we’re reading:

Anthony : Heirs of the Foundersby H.W. Brands
Jeff : The Odessa Fileby Frederick Forsyth
Christian : The Republic for Which It Stands by Richard White, The Library Bookby Susan Orlean

Read along for next month : Antigone by Sophocles, Paul Woodruff (Translator)


Links to some of the things we talked about:

Presidential Power and the Modern Presidentsby Richard E. Neustadt
Principal-Agent Theory
The Fifth Riskby Michael Lewis
The Music Man
The Organized Mindby Daniel J. Levitin
Trump: An American Dream
The Order of the Dayby Éric Vuillard, Mark Polizzotti