Do the Right Thing (1989, dir. Spike Lee)

March 25, 2020

George Floyd is murdered by members of the Minneapolis Police department.

Floyd’s murder is the spark that reignites the continuing call for an end to extrajudicial murders perpetrated by the police. How do we talk about progress made without minimizing how far we need to work toward equity and a stronger democracy?

Spike Lee’s second film, Do the Right Thing is the perfect vehicle to spark conversation about the past, the present, and a future we can work together to strive toward. Plus … it is an American classic, a must-watch for every American.

Host Erroll Southers is joined by Ange-Marie Hancock Alfaro and Aubrey Hicks

In thinking about the 2020 Uprising versus 1989's Do the Right Thing "Are we at a moment of reckoning . . . a moment where its GOT to change?" #racialjustice


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