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Is Urban Vertical Farming a Feasible Alternative to Traditional Agriculture in the City of Los Angeles? by Olivia Olson While the fields of lettuce, wheat, or soy encountered on a road trip may appear vast, the world’s arable land is indeed finite, with climate change’s specter further threatening to reduce Read more…

Green, Harris, and Orlando publish new paper to improve healthcare for elders

by Olivia Olson
Falling is the number one cause of injury and seventh leading cause of death in adults ages 65 and older. Over a quarter of that population falls annually, with approximately a third of those falls resulting in medical treatment or lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, however, today’s elderly are the most indebted in history and frequently lack the resources to invest in the non-urgent measures?“devices to call for help, grab bars, ramps, shower seats, and other modifications for wheelchair accessibility”?that would allow them to safely age in place and minimize the severity of falls.

December 2020 Read

Author Matthew Hongoltz-Hetling takes us to Grafton, NH and a libertarian experiment called the Free Town Project. What happens when government doesn’t exist? When Americans want to live in a freedom without constraint, when regulations are ignored, when laws are ignored … does the community thrive? Perhaps the title gives Read more…

November 2020 Read

For the last five months, our most popular episode is our discussion of White Fragility. So … we wanted to bring the conversation further. As, the publisher writes on the blurb for Claudia Rankine’s Just Us, “Claudia Rankine’s Citizen changed the conversation–Just Us urges all of us into it.” Rankine’s Read more…

Call for submissions 2020

To support our mission to give opportunities for Native American and non-Native students to learn, collaborate, study, and amplify the stories of indigenous peoples, USC Bedrosian Center & Red Nation Celebration Institute are accepting submissions of full length plays written by American Indian/Indigenous authors.